Modular Outdoor Flooring, Patio Tile & Fire Pits For The Outdoors
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Installation Guide


How to Install

Modular Decking Tiles

Where to Install

Outdoor Flooring Modular Decking Tiles can be laid on most hard surfaces such as concrete, existing wood decks, brick pavers, paving tiles, asphalt, etc., either indoors or outdoors, in protected or unprotected locations.  To ensure trouble free installation and long service life, the surface must be as firm and as even as possible with no major irregularities or depressions.  In exterior installations, the underlying surface should slope slightly to allow water to drain away freely.

Calculating how many decking tiles you will need

One carton (10 tiles) will cover an area of 10 sq. ft.  Additional tiles may be required for cutting as spacers if, the finished deck is to fit flush against boundary walls.

No Additional Tools Required

Outdoor Flooring Modular Decking Tiles require no nails, screws, adhesives.  A handsaw or jigsaw may be required if tiles need to be cut to fit around posts, or pipes, or to trim the outer row of tiles in confined areas.

Step by Step Installation

Place a single tile in one corner of the area to be covered.

Taking a second tile, align the plastic connecting tabs on the outside edges of the tiles to be joined and push down firmly on the second tile close to the connection point. This will engage the tabs and lock the tiles together.

Continue this process, adding tiles in both directions until the area is covered, ensuring each tile is securely locked to the neighboring tile.

Different patterns can be achieved by joining tiles so that the wood slats of adjacent tiles are aligned in different directions. To fit around pipes, posts, or corners, cut to fit using a jigsaw or handsaw, sawing through both the wood slats and plastic base. Take care to avoid the screws in the base.

When cutting irregular shapes, it is best to first make a template from a piece of stiff paper or cardboard. Make sure that cut slats remain securcly attached to the plastic base with at least 2 screws. Extra screws may need to be inserted if any slats appear loose. (Blank screw holes are molded in the plastic base for this purpose). To provide a smooth transition between the tiles and the base surface, optional reducer strips are available which lock ecurely to the outer row of tiles.


Care should be taken if Outdoor Flooring Modular Decking Tiles are installed (or removed) when the ambient temperature is below minus -20F. The polypropylene polymer used on the base of the tiles characteristically becomes increasingly brittle at very low temperatures and some damage to the connecting tabs could occur unless due care is taken when connecting (or removing) the tiles under such conditions.

Provided the tiles have been laid on a stable base, under normal circumstances low temperature conditions should not

have any adverse effects on the performance of Outdoor Flooring Modular Decking Tiles.

to clean Outdoor Flooring Modular Decking Tiles


Outdoor Flooring Modular Decking Tiles are supplied in pre-finished form with a factory coating of protective oil applied to all wood surfaces.  While this provides some initial protection from the effects of UV and exterior elements, in exposed exterior conditions the wood slats will gradually fade to a soft grey color. Regular treatment with an approved timber preservative will assist in slowing this aging process and help to preserve the original appearance of the timber.

An initial application of Penofin oil preservative shortly after installation, followed by applications every 6-12 months, or as often as needed, is recommended.

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