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Modular Interlocking Outdoor Decking Patio Tiles overlaying a concrete patio.
Ipe / Brazilian Walnut Outdoor Flooring Patio Overlay

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2007 Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens Modular Outdoor Flooring Decking Tile Article
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PreMade Modular Concrete Fire Pit Patio enhances any outdoor area.
PreMade Modular Concrete Fire Pit Patio

Modular Outdoor
Pre-Made Fire Pit Patios
(Over 100 sqft of patio area!)

(Suggested Retail $1,495.00)

Now Only
$995.00(plus shipping)


 Distributed by: 

_Eco Woods California, Ltd.  

Call:  (818) 758-3505

Promo Code:  "FP66"

There's nothing like the warmth of a crackling fire to bring family and friends together.  Our "Do-It-Yourself" Pre-Made Fire Pit Patios are a new and exciting way to bring added enjoyment to your outdoor living area.

Installs in hours!  Not days!

No waiting for the concrete to cure! 

Installs with ordinary garden tools!

 (Click Here For Additional Information . . . .)

Premier Article

Worn carpeting in the living room? Shabby-looking linoleum in the kitchen? Tired, outdated floors throughout your house? It's time to update your home with new flooring! Not only do hardwood, laminate, and tile revitalize your house with clean, modern looks, they also increase the value of your home. So whether you're thinking of selling your house soon or just want to freshen its appearance, new flooring is a win-win solution!

Hardwood Flooring

Without a doubt, hardwood flooring is one of the fastest, easiest ways to increase the value of your home. Homeowners love it's glossy, elegant appearance, and buyers are frequently willing to pay a premium for this long-lasting, gorgeous flooring material. In fact, according to the National Wood Flooring Association, "in a national survey of real estate agents, 90 percent said that houses with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices than houses without wood floors." So if you're putting your house on the market and want it to sell fast, hardwood floors are probably your best bet: you'll sell quickly and for a better price than without wood floors!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a beautiful, cost-effective solution for many areas of your home. You may especially want to consider laminate for areas unsuited to hardwood floor-such as finished basements or even bathrooms. Laminate offers the handsome appearance of hardwood, but stands up to moisture with greater durability; laminate performs spectacularly in high humidity rooms (basements and bathrooms) that cause swelling, warping, and other serious problems in hardwood. Especially if you're finishing a basement or redoing an older style bath, laminate is the perfect choice for beautiful flooring and added value.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is durable, sturdy, and scratch resistant, meaning it will stand up to the wear and tear of years of use. For this very reason, many homeowners prefer tile for high-use areas such as entryways, mudrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Tile floors have the added benefit of being water resistant, so it doesn't matter if the kids leave their wet shoes by the door or splash in the tub! Because tile is so resilient, many consider it a "lifetime floor," meaning it will last as long as the house: buyers often regard this as great value in a home.

If it's time for new floors in your home, you can renew your home's appearance and add value at the same time. Talk to your local flooring contractor about what types of flooring are best for your home and your needs. They'll be able to recommend specific products to help you maximize your budget for the optimum increase in home value.

Matt Gallo is a home improvement specialist and the Internet marketing manager for Prospect Genius, a leading provider of online local advertising solutions.


Featured Article 

Laying tile can be a pretty big job and with so many choices out there it can be mind-boggling. So what is the best tile for outdoor patio? There are a few factors to consider:


The first thing to consider is how durable the tile is. Let's face it; an outdoor patio is a great place to socialize. The patio will have to put up with abuse from kids, dogs, and the occasional piece of food that falls off the grill. Who wants to be on their hands and knees scrubbing? Be sure to pick out a tile that's going to stand up to abuse and is easy to clean up. You want to enjoy your patio without having to worry about hours of cleaning. In this case, the best tile for your outdoor patio is one that keeps your life simple.

Resistance to Moisture

Chances are your patio is going to get wet occasionally. The last thing you want is a tile that is going to retain moisture. Trapped moisture can lead to all sorts of nasty problems, the tile could buckle and lift off the base, and it can become a breeding ground for all sorts of strain for nasty mold. The best way to keep your patio looking new is to put down a tile that sheds water. What is the best tile for outdoor patio? A tile that doesn't hold water


Let's face it; you're looking for the best tile for an outdoor patio, not a skating rink. So be sure to pick out a tile that has a good non-slip surface when wet. There are some tiles out there that get really slippery with just a drop or 2 of water on them. That's the last thing you want to try and walk on when carrying a hot cup of coffee outside to enjoy an early morning? Instead, when choosing the best tile for your patio area, you want to make sure you think safety first and look for a tile that won't contribute to a slip trip or fall.


The final consideration is your own personal taste. Choose a tile that fits in with the overall house design. If you have a southwest themed home a classic Italian marble floor might look out of place next to all that adobe. When it comes down to it you want a tile that works for you. Pick out something that you enjoy! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is the best tile for outdoor patio? The simple answer is something that you like!

There are only a few small things to consider when finding the perfect tile for your patio. You want something that is safe, long lasting, easy to clean, and looks good in your home. You'll spend hours enjoying your renovated patio from early morning coffees to barbeques with friends and family. You might as well put down a tile that is not only attractive but also makes your hectic life a little easier.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of numerous niche online stores that offer customers not only products, but information relating to furnishing and decorating indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether you want to renew your deck or patio with a garden bench or create the ultimate living environment with patio furniture that is perfect for entertaining, there is a lot of helpful advice to take advantage of to make it happen. Click today and indulge your senses.


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Featured Articles (continued)

Outdoor Stone Flooring Options are Plentiful for

Walkways and Patios

Outdoor flooring needs to be durable and have the ability to stand up to the elements. It also can be elegant and stylish and add an aesthetic appeal to the area that it graces. It also should be appropriate for the function of the space. Natural stone flooring is often used for outdoor flooring for patios, decks, flooring around a pool or hot tub or as walkway or path leading up to the entranceway of the house. There are myriads of options that a homeowner can choose from.

Slate is a very popular outdoor flooring option. It is used in patios and on walkways and is relatively easy to install and maintain. It is durable and comes in a variety of colors and textures and can be cut to size for whatever functions it will be used for. Slate is very popular for use in outdoor walkways. Slate is ideal for areas that are exposed to a lot of moisture, making it great as a flooring option for areas around pools or hot tubs. The texture of slate makes it very difficult for moisture to penetrate this natural stone. Slate is also very slip resistant, which is why it is used in so many walkways.

Ceramic tiles are also becoming more fashionable for outdoor use. Several types of ceramic tiles are used for anything between accenting a patio to creating flooring around a pool. When choosing ceramic tiles, it’s important to choose a type that can withstand the elements and climate change. Certain tiles like terra cotta do not respond well to freezing temperatures and could crack. Ceramic tiles are very water resistant and make them ideal for high moisture areas.

Brick flooring tiles have been used for a long time to build patios and areas around a barbecue. Brick is also popular for walkways and areas underneath a raised sundeck. Brick has an informal, almost rustic appeal and is a durable flooring option for many outdoor applications. Brick retains a lot of natural heat and is perfect for areas where you want to get a little natural heat. Many people find brick’s simple appeal the ideal choice for outdoor use.

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Family enjoying a relaxing evening on a Precast Modular Concrete Firepit Patio in their backyard.
Your Fire Pit Patio arrives on a single pallet! Installs hours, not days! No heavy equipment requ


Hocking Hills State Park and Campgrounds, Logan, OH
receives 2,000,000+ visitors per year!

Our Pre-Made Fire Pits and Patios are built tough!

Modular PreMade Concrete Fire Pit  at Hocking Hills State Park, Logan, Ohio.
Hocking Hills State Park - Nature Area - Logan, Ohio
Modular PreMade Concrete Fire Pit  at Hocking Hills State Park with steel barbaque.
Hocking Hills State Park - Nature Area - PreMade Fire Pit Patio - High-Angle View

Our Pre-Made Fire Pits, Patios, Outdoor Flooring and Decking products
continue to meet and exceed the highest expectations for quality.

Hocking Hills State Park
Hocking Hills State Park - Family Camping Area - "Before" Photo
Primitive campsite with Modular PreMade Concrete Fire Pit  at Hocking Hills State Park, Logan Ohio.
Hocking Hills State Park - Family Camping Area - PreMade Fire Pit Patio - "After" Photo
Hocking Hills State Park
American Pre-Made Firepit Patios are a hit! Order your patio today!

Made in the U.S.A.


Breathe new life into
your existing concrete patio, balcony or deck
in minutes . . . .

Outdoor Flooring - Modular Interlocking Patio and Decking Tile
Modular Outdoor Flooring Deck Tiles - Ipe / Brazilian Walnut

. . . with modular South American Ipe, Granite, Slate or Ceramic decking tiles,

for your outdoor living spaces.

South American Ipe is:
3 times harder than North American Red Oak
 Naturally resistant to insects, rot, and decay
No harmful CCA's (chromated copper arsenate)
has been used on the Atlantic City Boardwalk for 25+ years!

No tools required!  No nails, screws or adhesives!


Over existing Concrete Patios, Existing Decks, Balconies, Roof Decks, Flat Roofs, Sun Rooms, Lanais, Screened In Porches, Basements and Boat Docks . . .

Also . . .

Great for Condominium and Apartment Owners!  Place around Hot Tubs, Pools and Spas too!

 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty



Install over your existing patio, balcony or deck in minutes . . .

As Seen On HGTV!


Atlantic City Boardwalk with Ipe / Brazilian Walnut Planking.

Atlantic City Boardwalk utilizing Ipe / Brazilian Walnut
Rated at 25+ years of service.

Modular Outdoor Flooring Walkway made of Ipe / Brazilian Walnut.
Ipe / Brazilian Walnut Outdoor Walkway

Stunning Brazilian Walnut path. . . .

Interlocking Patio Tile Overlay
Ipe / Brazilian Walnut Outdoor Entryway

Extravagant entryway . . . .

Here's what the experts are saying . . .


"Do-It-Yourself" Modular Outdoor Decking Tiles Make it Easy to Build Your Dream Deck or Patio

May 25, 2015

(LTD) -  Having the deck or patio of your dreams can become a reality. Modular decking tiles - real outdoor hardwood flooring tiles that easily interconnect together - are the next hot thing for do-it-yourselfers out to expand their outdoor living space.

Upgrading an existing deck, patio or balcony, is among the top five home improvement projects; it enhances a home's value and is cheaper than building an actual room addition. Yet traditional deck building has required homeowners to either layout a substantial sum of cash to have professionals do the job, or invest hours of their own time learning the skills needed to do it themselves.

Recently featured on HGTV’s “Red, Hot & Green”, hosted by expert carpenter Carter Oosterhouse, these modular deck tiles can make a beautiful "do-it-yourself" deck possible for even home improvement neophytes.

Each 12"x12" outdoor hardwood flooring tile is mounted on a high-impact polypropylene backing. The grid allows the tiles to interconnect together like children's plastic building blocks. 'They are so easy to put together, you can reasonably expect to invest 60 minutes or less installing a 100 square foot deck,' says the Director of Marketing, of Eco Woods California, Ltd., an exclusive national retailer of modular decking tile in the United States.

The 1-3/16" patio tiles are made of beautiful, durable Ipe, also known as Brazilian Walnut (Ironwood). The hardwood flooring tiles are manufactured in 12"x12" and 12"x24" dimensions. The hardwood flooring tiles are imported directly from South America.

Besides easy installation, modular decking tiles have several advantages over traditional decks:

* No concrete footings or complicated support systems are necessary. Modular decking and patio tiles can be placed over any reasonably flat surface - from an existing concrete patio, weathered traditional deck, or balcony, to screened in porches, basements and flat-top roofs.

* The average cost per square foot for traditional decking ranges from $18 to over $35 per square foot, depending on the wood, or composite material choice such as trex decking.  Our modular decking tiles retail between $7.99 and $11.99 per square foot, depending on the style and material. Be sure to read composite decking reviews for the latest composte decking information.

* Once assembled, our modular tiles are as sturdy as a traditional deck. They can easily be disassembled should you decide to relocate your deck, or take it with you when you move.

* Because they interconnect together, our modular tile decking never has any exposed screws or nails, making them child and pet friendly.

* Cleanup and maintenance are easy. Simply hose off your modular decking tiles as needed for regular cleaning.  Once a year, treat them with a wood sealer containing UV protection.  We highly recommend Penofin.

* Our modular decking tiles, which also come in granite tile, slate tile and ceramic tile, can also be used to easily create patios, paths and posh pool areas outdoors, and as hardwood floors in home spas or on apartment or condo balconies.  Decking tile can also be laid in three different designs: traditional, offset or parquet, to create a truly unique look.

For additional information call:  (877) 758-3505     Promo Code:  "ODF66"

Imagine . . . . creating a beautiful Outdoor Living area in a
single afternoon!
. . . . Not days and weeks!

Modular Outdoor Floor Patio and Deck Tiles make a great overlay for any solid surface.
Outdoor Flooring Deck Tile - Upgrade your outdoor living area today!

Install over an existing deck in minutes . . .

Restore Your Concrete Patio with an Overlay of Modular Outdoor Decking Tiles.
Installs easily over your existing patio, deck or balcony.

. . . over drab, dull or cracked concrete. 

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